Come rain or shine, cosy up with baked Porridge

Baked Porridge 1Is it going to rain or is the sun going to come out today? That’s been my main topic of conversation over the last few weeks. I know it’s very British to constantly talk about the weather but what weather we’ve had this summer! From a May heatwave to August deluges, we don’t know what to wear; sun cream and sun hats or woolie jumpers and wellies, let alone what to eat salads or stews!

One thing that’s a constant for me, come rain or shine, is eating oats! With the wet days and cooler evenings I have been baking with oats to make warming puddings but with summer fruits to at least pretend that summer isn’t over yet! So here it is my new recipe come rain or sunshine….

Cosy Baked Porridge

Baked Porridge Bowl 2


50g Jumbo oats

50g quick cook oats

2 ripe nectarines

2 ripe peaches

Sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Drizzle of honey

50g mixed nuts (I used walnuts and pecans)


Pre-heat the oven to 180c

Place the oats in a deep mixing bowl and cover with bowling water. Leave until all the water has been absorbed by the oats, which should take about 5 minutes.

Wash and chop the fruits into thin slices and add to the oats.

Add the spices and a little drizzle of honey, then combine the ingredients together.

Spoon the oaty mixture into a an oven proof dish and cook for 15 minutes.

Then scatter the nut pieces over the top of the oat mix and cook for a further 5-10 mins or until the nuts have browned and the oats have turned a nice golden colour.

Serve hot with custard for cold days or leave the dish to cool and serve with cream or yoghurt on those rare sunny days.

Come rain or shine enjoy this cosy baked Porridge recipe :-)

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Earl Grey or Assam? How did you take yours in Afternoon Tea Week?

Afternoon tea at a Supper ClubEarl Grey or Assam? One lump or two? How did you take your tea for Afternoon Tea Week 2015?

From Lapsang in fine china cups to smoky Russian Caravan tea in camping mugs, I had lots of lovely pots of tea and maybe, just maybe, a slice of cake or two 😉 However the highlight of my week was partaking in tea with Ms Marmite Lover at her ‘Secret Tea’ at Denis Servers house.

Anna in the parlour (sepia)

I will share the story of that very fine tea in my next blog post but for now I want to hear from you! Every year I try, test and taste my way round a whole selection of tea rooms which I compile into an annual compendium blog. I am always looking for new tea rooms to visit and I would love your recommendations from Afternoon Tea Week to add to my list.

Near or far, traditional and modern, budget cuppa’s or high class high teas, the more suggestions the merrier!

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Porridge ice cream, a recipe to make at home

Coarse oatmeal_Last week I blogged about the ‘world’s first Porridge ice cream’ made by Simpsons Buckie of Moray. A lot of people sent me tweets saying how delicious the ice cream flavours of;  fruity Porridge and sticky sweet Butterscotch Porridge sound but they were disappointed to find that the Porridge ice cream is only available at Scotland’s Highland Folk Museum. Then as if by magic! I received a message from Hamlyn’s of Scotland, the premier Scottish oat milling company, telling me that they had ice cream recipes to share!

Hamlyns Ice CreamWith two recipes to choose from; Toasted Pinhead Oatmeal and Vanilla Crystal Ice Cream and Heather Honey Ice Cream you can now make Porridge ice cream wherever in the world you are! So here’s to a sunny summer :-)

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A summer for ice cream or weather for Porridge?

Porridge IcecreamIs it going to be a summer suitable for ice cream or perfect weather for Porridge? That’s the hot weather question of the week!

A blistering June has been quickly followed by a wet and windy July leaving us all wondering when we are going to see the sun again. However I’m not that downhearted as it’s still perfect Porridge weather 😉 This summer though you can have your Porridge and eat it, hot or cold, thanks to the Simpson Buckie ice cream company who have created their own version of ‘Ice Cream Porridge’

The Ice cream comes in three oaty flavours of; fruity Porridge & raspberry, sticky sweet Porridge & Butterscotch and of course good old plain Porridge.

Being served from tomorrow (28th of July 2015) at Scotland’s Highland Folk Museum, Newtonmore, the ice cream has been made with unpredictable summers in mind!

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Full steam ahead for the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships

Bain Marie Steam 2I’ve been a bit distracted of late with travels and the search for Britain’s best Porridge breakfast but my oaty focus came back this week when I received a very important e-mail…. <drum roll> announcing that I have officially been accepted as a competitor for the 2015 Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships

Then as if by magic, or at least good fortune 😀 I received a delivery of Mornflake’s new gluten free pinhead oatmeal. Since then my bain marie has been on full steam and so has my kitchen!

Bain Marie Steam 1For the Golden Spurtle I am developing two recipes; traditional oatmeal, using gluten free pinhead oatmeal, sea salt, water, and my speciality which is still top secret! 😉

I have been enjoying working with the new gluten free oatmeal, and enjoying plenty of pinhead Porridge breakfasts too. I really love the nutty-ness of the very coarse grain and have found it to be really versatile in savoury dishes, being a good replacement for rice and a nice alternative to grains like bulgar wheat and quinoa.

Bain Marie Steam 3This dinner-time savoury twist on Porridge should give you a clue about my speciality recipe! However if you want to find out what ‘free-style’ Porridge I will be making for the big day at the Golden Spurtle you will have to keep ’em peeled on my blog! :-)

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On my travels, on the search, for Britain’s Best Breakfast

Marmalade PorridgeLast week I posted on my eternal quest for perfect Porridge whilst on my travels. Since then I’ve been away to Scotland’s ‘Granite City‘ Aberdeen. For a stay in Scotland my Porridge options were pretty limited, with the best breakfast option being a classic Scottish offering of marmalade Porridge. Not fancy but filling and it saw me through my long working day.

So the question still remains which hotel or B&b do you think serves Britain’s best Porridge breakfast? I’ve had recommendations coming thick and fast on social media, including;

Sand Dollar Cafe, Aberdeen

MacDonald Hotels, where Porridge is served with double cream!

And lots of people recommending Pret’s ‘Proper Porridge’ as a grab and go breakfast option.

What do you think? I still want to hear from you because the quest for Britain’s best Porridge breakfast is still on!

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Travelling Porridge

Sweeheart Porridge blogAn age ago I reviewed Britain’s best breakfast for The Independent newspaper. At that time Hendersons of Edinburgh was my favourite breakfast spot, somewhere that I always enjoyed going for my breakfast when in Edinburgh on business. I’ve been back on the travelling for work trail again recently, but sadly work hasn’t taken me to Scotland’s capital for a very long time. Instead I’ve been staying in lots of chain hotels, being served with lots of microwaved Porridge dressed up to be something else. The worst example to date has been a rather swanky Liverpool hotel that served me watery Porridge in what can only be described as a flying saucer of a bowl!

Liverpool Hotel PorridgeHowever I’m not down on the chains as my recent stay in a MacDonald hotel showed me how hotels can get it right; by serving properly cooked oatmeal, served in a sweet single serving, lidded ramekin, which kept the Porridge piping hot. Is this because they are a Scottish chain?

Now you might think I’m being a bit snippy, that breakfast doesn’t really matter, but with long days and long travel delays the only thing that keeps me going when I am away on business, is breakfast. A good Porridge breakfast of course 😉 So once again I’m back on the search for Britain’s best Porridge breakfast and I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you have a favourite hotel that serves a great breakfast that you can recommend? Do you know a guest house or B&B that serves perfect Porridge? Please share your best breakfasts with me here on the blog by leaving a comment below.

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Porridge Lady Hiccups!

porridgeLadyHeaderImage.pngOk so it’s not actually me that’s hiccuping, although I am known for my ‘annoying hiccuping bouts’, it’s actually that’s been having a bit of a ‘moment’. Over the last few weeks I have been upgrading my site with the inevitable wordpress problems that come from installing a new version.

Maintaining a website is the bane of every bloggers life, we love writing recipes, taking and making high quality images and of course writing, but the I.T. side of what we do can be a real pain. Now normally I see the ‘techy’ stuff as a necessary eve-il. However I was upset over the weekend when I lost all of the comments that people had kindly left on posts. I’ve been blogging for several years now which means I’ve lost A LOT of comments.

Old and new, the comments have vanished. Whilst I rope in my web developer friend to delve into the magicians hat of the internet and try and pull the comments out of the black hole! I have to say sorry to everyone who has taken the time to write on my website. I hope the comments can be retrieved, until then please leave me some more and I promise I will respond! :-)

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My ‘Little Food Finds': York Cocoa House

York Cocoa House2 croppedLast summer I visited York for ‘Le Grand Depart’ of the Tour de France. I had a lovely time soaking up the cities culture and idling around in cafés. When I came back from my city break I was bursting to blog about a ‘cocoa house’ where I had enjoyed the best hot chocolate that I have ever drunk. Sadly work picked up and I had to put my blog down. However work isn’t such a bad thing as recently I found myself back in York thanks to it, and now finally I’ve written my ‘Little Food Find’ from York….

I am a big fan of hot chocolate but find that very few café’s do it well. I’ve been disappointed by some of the most expensive and more renowned cafe’s offerings of hot chocolate, which are little more than warm milk added to drinking chocolate powder. I was beginning to give up the notion of ever drinking a good hot chocolate made from chocolate when I came across ‘York Cocoa House‘.

Located in the city center, just round the corner from the Minster, York Cocoa House is a favourite stop for tourists and regulars alike. In fact the Cocoa House is a bit of a destination for all things chocolate and includes; a chocolate school, where you can take a chocolate master-class, a chocolate shop, selling Cocoa House made truffles and Artisan bars of chocolate, and of course the chocolate cafe.

York Cocoa House shelfThe café is beautifully nostalgic, harking back to York’s heyday as the ‘chocolate city‘. Tastefully filled with memorabilia, the Cocoa House is a living museum of chocolate; remembering the cities great factories of Terry’s and Rowntree’s chocolate, but also breathing life back into the cities chocolate commerce through the vibrant café and school.

Once seated I got on with the important business of choosing my chocolate. The Cocoa House has an impressive, but not unwieldy, selection of drinks that include single origin hot chocolates fit for connoisseurs through to very palatable drinks like chocolate orange (can’t imagine where they got that idea from :-D). I opted for one of the house specials ‘Spanish Hot Chocolate’ which was described as “thick, bitter chocolate”

York Cocoa House Chocolate_What arrived, is what I can only describe as a chocolate pudding in a cup. I mean that in a good way. The Cocoa House ‘Spanish Hot Chocolate’ is every bit like the choc that I loved dipping my churros into, into the small hours in a Barcelona bar.  Authentic, delicious and very, very filling. My co-chocolate drinker opted for the single origin “Tumaco-65% cocoa solids (dark cherry)” which, in a nice touch, is served with a small piece of the chocolate for you to taste. This drink was a true connoisseurs hot chocolate, much appreciated and enjoyed by my companion.

Alongside the impressive hot chocolate menu the Cocoa House also serves chocolate based cakes, pastries and even a chocolate afternoon tea. However after my meal in a hot chocolate cup, there wasn’t room even for the accompanying truffle which I dutifully took with me to enjoy on the train journey home.

York Cocoa House1Was I impressed by York’s Cocoa House? Yes! Has my faith in hot chocolate been restored? Most definitely. Would I recommend it to you? In a heart beat…..

York Cocoa House

3 Blake Street



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Porridge Lady’s entry is in for the 2015 Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championships

Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making CompetitionI am very excited to share the news that I have now put myself forward as an entrant for the 2015 Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championships. Over the last few days I’ve been making plans and last night it all came together when I finally and formally submitted my entry. Now I sit back with my fingers crossed waiting to find out if my applications has been successful.

I am very pleased to be sponsored again in 2015 by Mornflake, Britain’s oldest oat milling company, that’s still family owned and run! I am also very excited to be using their new and fantastic gluten free pinhead oatmeal in my quest for Golden Spurtle glory!

Mornflake Gluten Free oatssml_blogI will be posting updates here on my blog as I practice, practice and practice some more to get my Porridge just right for the Golden Spurtle Judges.

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