‘Porridge-to-go’ top 3 recipes


I’ve tried and tested a fair few Porridge recipes for ‘Porridge-to-go’ in my thermos. I’ve found some work really well and others…. well don’t mention slippery banana pieces! So what are my top tips?

  1. The topping needs to mix into the porridge really well. So a fruit puree is great but chunks of banana tend to slip off the spoon if you go over a bump on the tracks and land on your neighbours lap – like I say, don’t ask.
  2. You want something that’s isn’t messy or gooey it’s not great having sticky hands on public transport.
  3. If you like a milky Porridge cook it into the oats rather than adding it to the cooked Porridge. Again sloppy milk Porridge = a right old mess.

So after the warnings what are my top recipes for Porridge-to-go?

Porridge-to-go recipes

Jammy Porridge-to-go

1) Hot Choc Porridge – Add a little cacao/choc powder into the cooking Porridge with a little milk.

2) Apple puree and Cinnamon – A thin, non-lumpy puree stirred into the Porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon works a treat.

3) Swirled in Jam – Don’t be put off from Jams thinking that they are unhealthy – just choose one that is high in fruit and low in sugar, or even sugar free.

I hope you will give these recipes a go. With a Porridge thermos you will always have a healthy Porridge to go.

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