Porridge Pancake Day


I love pancakes, in fact I like pancakes so much that for one day of the year I am prepared to forgo my daily Porridge for pancakes but only on Shrove Tuesday. However and here comes the caveat, they have to be Porridge Pancakes!

Oats are very versatile and oatmeal, especially fine oatmeal, can be used in place of flour in many recipes. In pancakes I like to use fine oatmeal as flour but I also add toasted oatmeal to the batter mix. This not only does this give the pancakes a great flavour and aroma (like a lovely popcorn smell) it also produces a pancake with texture which is satisfying to eat.

Oat Pancake Recipe

Oat Pancake Recipe

Oat Pancake

  • Serves 2, making about 6 medium pancakes
  • Cooking time 5-8 mins


25g toasted medium oatmeal

50ml water

150ml milk

100g fine oatmeal

50g plain flour

Generous teaspoon of cinnamon powder

1 Egg beaten


Sprinkle the medium oatmeal into a large frying pan.

Dry toast the oatmeal over a high heat.

Set a side and allow to cool.

Into a large mixing bowl pour half the water and milk.

Add the fine oatmeal, flour and cinnamon and mix.

Add in the rest of the water and milk until a thick batter consistency is achieved.

In a separate bowl beat an egg and then add to the large bowl mixing in thoroughly

Finally add the toasted oatmeal and mix in.

Place a medium well oiled frying pan over a medium high heat.

Pour in enough batter mix to thinly cover the base of the pan.

cook until the pancake becomes firm.

Flip! And cook again until both sides are a golden brown colour.

Serve hot with your favourite fillings.

Here is one of mine; Blood Orange and Sweet Freedom Pancakes. I love using the dark Sweet Freedom syrup on my pancakes as it has a rich deep flavour but without any refined sugars so it’s a perfect low GI start to the day.

Blood Orange Pancake Recipe

Blood Orange Pancake

Sweet Freedom Pancake Recipe

Sweet Freedom low GI pancake syrup

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