An Englishwoman In New York – Travellers Porridge Recipe.


After posting on my Porridge Thermos and talking about Porridge-to-go recipes I thought I would continue the thread by writing on no-cook Porridge recipes. In this first post I share my instant oat recipe…..

Porridge travels recipe

Travels with my Porridge

I used to work for a company that was keen on sending me here, there and everywhere and so I regularly had to stay in hotels. Much to my horror many establishments did not serve Porridge! The final insult to the injury would be staying in a Scottish hotel – yes you did read that correctly! A Scottish hotel that didn’t serve Porridge. I became so stressed at the prospect of being away without Porridge that I started to take oats with me on my travels. I would ask the breakfast chef to make Porridge for me with my own oats. When it comes to getting a proper Porridge breakfast I have no shame and am quiet prepared to lose my English reserve to get the Porridge breakfast I want.

But it gets worse! Sometimes the chef would have no idea how to make Porridge! Yes you, chef of a 5 star hotel in Prague I’m talking about you! So I came up with a solution; no-cook Porridge…..

Recipe for no-cook (no shame) Porridge

Serves –  one disgruntled traveller

Cooking time – 60 seconds (or less)


Finely chopped rolled oats

Milk powder

Goji Berries (very dried/dehydrated works best)


Into your suitcase pack enough boxes of chopped rolled oats to sustain your travels

Add 1 box of milk powder making sure it is fully sealed and labelled as milk powder so it can’t get confused as anything else at customs/check point!

Add a big bag of dried/dehydrated goji berries.

At breakfast time march into the dinning room with your box of oats firmly under your arm and your milk powder and goji berries in hand.

Place all items in a large breakfast bowl.

Politely but firmly ask for a large jug of boiling water.

Pour water over oats/dried milk/goji berries/ and stir well.

Leave for 60 or so seconds until water has been absorbed by all ingredients.

Enjoy your Porridge and have happy travels.

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