Porridge for Sue Perkins

7 Porridge recipes

Porridge for Perkins

Well I finally have caught up with myself. 7 days,  7 recipes, 7 lots of Porridge for Sue Perkins to test, that was the week that was the ‘Power of Porridge’.

What have I been up to?

The Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championships (which I am proud to say I have been a winner of) raises funds for a great charity called ‘Mary’s Meals’. Based in Scotland, but working overseas, Mary’s Meals works in schools like the Mchenza primary in the Balaka region of Malawi. Mary’s Meals makes sure the children start the day right – with Porridge! A special Porridge that is nutrient enriched to provide the children with all the energy they need to study.

Now whilst Mary’s Meals does great work it’s not such a well know charity. So step in ‘See the Difference’ the social media savvy organisation that connects charity projects with stars and brings campaigns to the masses. So take one top notch celeb famous for eating her way through history – Sue Perkins, add one film crew and PR team, stir in a Porridge Lady and tah dah! The ‘Power Of Porridge’ campaign is born.

Oatmeal Spotted Dick Recipe

Oatmeal Spotted Dick

For the campaign I came up with 7 recipes which were filmed over the course of a day. The recipes were released one a day, for a week, with the grand finale being my Golden Spurtle winning ‘Oatmeal Spotted Dick & Custard’.

It was great fun working with Sue Perkins. With a genuine sense of humor and spirit of adventure for eating any Porridge recipe Sue made a long day of filming enjoyable.

All my recipes were filmed and over the week I will post links to the videos and post up my recipes.

If you feel the ‘Power of Porridge’ then perhaps you will think about donating to Mary’s Meals? 7 recipes, 7 days, £7 feeds a school child in Malawi for a whole year.

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