March’s Top Porridge Recipes


Eating Porridge everyday means I rattle through a lot of different topping ideas pretty quickly! 365 breakfasts, not taking into account the occasional sneaky afternoon bowl, means lots of recipes! Whilst I tweet my Porridge topping each day on Twitter as @porridgelady I actually don’t tend to keep a copy of Porridge ideas. As I keep being told to write a book this isn’t very sensible!

Porridge ideas tend to just pop into my head. Something triggers it off and away I go. In general I’m influenced by the season and my shopping trips to the True Food Community Co-op shop, in Berkshire.

So to keep a track, to share ideas and to motivate me to come up with more recipes! I am starting a new monthly posting of my top three recipes of that month. Starting….. now!

Babg fig recipe

Baby Fig and Nutmeg Porridge

Baby Fig and Nutmeg Porridge

I was very excited to see baby figs in the True Food shop. Fantastically strange looking but so tasty it’s like having a fig roll in your Porridge.

Apple and Blueberry Puree Porridge

Last autumn I had a great haul of cooking apples which I store in the shed. These tend to last very well over the winter but once the spring arrives it gets too warm to store them. So I had a big cook up one weekend resulting in lots of jars of apple puree. Whilst I love apple puree by itself on Porridge (in fact with cinnamon it’s one of my all time favs) you can have too much of a good thing! Add some blueberry puree too and et voila puree just got better.

Oat and Barley Milky Date Porridge

This was my fav recipe at the start of the month when the morning’s were cold and dark and a hot creamy Porridge was order of the day. I use rolled oats & barley for this recipe as it’s one of my ‘Porridge to go’ breakfasts. I soak the barley flakes in milk, add the oats and some water and cook. I prefer to chop the dates pieces and add to the cooking Porridge.

I hope you will get the chance to try one of these recipes and if you do please let me know what you think.

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