May’s top Porridge recipes

Porridge recipe 'Crowdie Porridge'

Crowdie Porridge

This month’s Porridge toppings have been inspired by my recent trip to Scotland. Not only home to and the heart of Porridge Scotland is also a producer of fantastic fresh and flavoursome foods;

Crowdie Porridge

On my recent trip I was introduced to Crowdie, a Scottish cream cheese. Soft and crumbly in texture it reminds me of a good ricotta but with a tangy taste. Better still I found a deli that sold Crowdie encased in pinhead oatmeal and black pepper – known as ‘Black Crowdie’.

If you are looking for a savoury Porridge recipe then Crowdie on pinhead oatmeal is lovely. It’s best to slightly under cook the oatmeal or use less water so the oatmeal still has a bite.

And one last thing…. rumour has it that Crowdie is good to eat before a ceilidh as it said to prevent a whisky hangover!

Heather Honey Porridge

Yes honey is a popular Porridge topping but if you are going to use it, use the best – Scottish Heather Honey.

I like to use medium oatmeal that cooks up a creamy smooth texture and then spoon the honey into the hot Porridge. Traditionally demerara sugar, cream and whisky are also served but I will leave that choice up to you…….

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