Oats & sustainable British crops; Porridge Lady on the radio


On Wednesday I am off to the BBC Radio Berkshire studios to feature on the Bill Buckley radio show. I’ve been on Radio Berkshire a few times to talk about Porridge and being a winner at the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Competition. This is the first time though that I’ve been on to talk more than just Porridge.

Bill Buckley is a food writer, cook and food lover so his show is fully food focused. His regular weekly guest is local Chef and owner of the Crooked Billet Paul Clerehugh . Every Friday they talk cooking and share recipes. Why am I telling you all this? Well I’m excited about being on a food radio show with someone who really knows and loves food. Regular blog readers will know that I have occasional stints on radio Reading4U where I host the ‘Local Lunch’ show. Talking local and sustainable foods and some times Porridge! The Lunch show is all about local food so I really believe that radio is a great medium for talking food.

I’m being interviewed for a full 40 minutes on Wednesday, that’s quiet a long time to talk Porridge, local and sustainable foods. What exactly am I going to say? Tune in tomorrow at 3pm and find out!

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