Marmalade Sunday

Recipe for a simmering pan of marmalade

Marmalade Sunday

There are some days when you just need to escape the hullabaloo, to take time out, to do nothing of consequence, to idle, to enjoy a day. Today was one of those day’s for me, a ‘Marmalade Sunday’ a good day.

A good day for me starts with marmalade Porridge, today topping lovely pinhead oatmeal, eaten whilst watching the Andrew Marr programme. Then a bowl of coffee and time to read the papers. A light lunch and then a long walk. A walk not for exercise or for errands, not to get from A-B, just a walk. This was a good walk though, stopping to enjoy an afternoon tea.

Recipe for a marmalade Sunday

Afternoon tea on a Marmalade Sunday

and what could be better than freshly baked scones made from freshly milled flour from the estates watermill.

I even managed to dodge the worst of the rain on my walk home – Marmalade Sunday.

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