First apples of the season. A recipe for excitment and Porridge!


The last few days have been a bit wet and windy, not the best of weather for fledgling apples. On checking the garden this morning I was a little sad to see so many fallen apples, but secretly pleased.

Recipe for apple Porridge

First windfall apples

The thing is I’m not very patient for the start of apple season. I’m always prodding and poking my trees, shaking the ones I scrump from and checking the website of the local orchard to make sure I’m the first customer when the farm shop opens. So whilst windfall apples mean fewer delicious harvest fruits, it also means apples NOW!

As the apples are so early they are a little tart. They are also quiet bruised from their fall to earth but with a good scrub and a little chop they are the perfect Porridge topping. To start off my, albiet early, season of apples I choose;

Cinnamon, nutmeg and buttery apple Porridge

I coated the chopped slices of apple in a little nutmeg and a lot of cinnamon and fried until golden brown. These were served on a creamy medium oatmeal, served with a splash of milk. If the apples are very tart they benefit from just a little honey. I used just a third of a teaspoon of English honey so it would not overpower the delicate flavour of the apples.

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