One, two, three, four….. hundred and four bowls of Porridge for the Anthony Maynard Sportive


Well the pre-entries have closed (you can still register on the day) and I have the number of  404 riders for the Anthony Maynard Cycle Sportive That could mean 404, cups of tea or coffee but most of all that could mean 404 bowls of Porridge! lucky then that I’ve bought a new Spurtle!

Recipe for Porridge - Spurtle

Posing with my new Spurtle

Made from Ash this Spurtle is much longer and thicker at the end than my others. I’m hoping this means stronger as it’s going to need to be!

Recipe for Porridge - Spurtle

New longer Spurtle

It’s going to be a great day for cyclists, it’s a great course but there is going to be great food served too. You see the sportive is also raising money for charities, which includes the World Society for the Protection of Animals Now not only does WSPA champion animal rights and protection issues they also span animal welfare issues and lead with great campaigns like www.Not in My

Not only are we raising cash we are raising the bar for food at events. A bold statement We’ve made to serve cruelty free foods;

If you are riding please come and say hello, get your cuppa with the right sort of milk and your Porridge too. But don’t ask for an extra big bowl of Porridge as a clip on the ear with a spurtle hurts! 😀

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