Retro cakes and ‘heritage’ trends, is old fashioned the recipe for new fashion?


If I believe the recent e-mails that have been dropping into my inbox then I’m the height of fashion, apparently! I’m smiling as I write this as it’s been a while since I was concerned with ‘being trendy’ probably the last time being ‘on trend’ concerned me was somewhere around my A-levels. However this season its all about two trends; for clothes ‘Heritage’ – with the ‘Power Jumper’ being the must have key piece.

Recipe for a great jumper

My Icelandic 'Power Jumper'

For food it’s all about the retro cake; buns, bannocks and shortbread.

Selkirk Bannock recipe

Home baked Barley flour Selkirk Bannocks

When the media has spent the last few years being obsessed with ‘exotic’ foods, experimental cooking and Michelin stars, why this resurgence of interest in ‘traditional’ foods?

Some commentators say it’s all about the recession, a need for comfort foods from a nostalgic time when Britain was an economic powerhouse. Whilst others like editor of Fire and Knives magazine, and Guardian writer, Tim Hayward has been quoted as saying simply because “British food is good”! I agree. I am and hope have always been, an advocate of British food. I’m not adverse to overseas cuisines but my staple of food is that which grows around me and that which I grew up on.

Now if being back in the media means a renaissance for eating good English, Welsh and Scottish foods and a respect for the traditional skilled work of clothes making of weavers, seamstresses, tailors and knitters then all good. But if it means cheap imported imitations and another food bandwagon….

Well you can always ‘make do and mend’ embrace your inner Nanageddon and hunt down your ‘Power Jumper’ from a charity shop. Or knit your own, knitting is very on trend right now. Just make sure it’s real wool Then stick the kettle on put your feet up and enjoy an oatmeal rock bun.

Oatmeal Rock Buns, recipe

Oatmeal Rock Buns

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