‘Local Lunch’ radio show- August’s second programme on air tomorrow.


I’m back on air tomorrow with August’s second programme for the Local Lunch radio show

Reporting for the Local Lunch show

Reporting for the Local Lunch radio programme.

On this show I will be talking ‘Localism’ and Local Food. I will be asking the question; can community food projects like food co-ops, community run shops and community supported agriculture be a cohesive force for communities? Can local food bring communities together?

I will also be talking about the future for independent retailers on the high street with my studio guest Guy Douglas of Reading CIC, the ‘Economic development company for Reading’. I will be asking about development plans for Reading and the question; in a rapidly developing town like Reading is there space for the independent?

The show isn’t just about Reading. If you are involved in a community food project or run an independent shop I would love to hear from you. Tell me about the challenges you face but also your success too. Are you the hub of your community? Do you provide a service that the big retailers can’t.

I will also be telling you all the local food news and what’s good to eat now with some recipe tips. Plus plenty of energetic music to keep you going, whether you are eating or cooking lunch.

So listen in tomorrow from 12-2pm for the Local Lunch show on;


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