Perfect Porridge, tip#2


Continuing my series on how to make the ‘Perfect Porridge’ this tip is all about how to cook oatmeal…..

Porridge Tip #2 – Buy a Bain Marie

Sometimes called a ‘double boiler’ sometimes known as a ‘Porringer’ I call it a Bain Marie and I think it’s one of the most useful pieces of Porridge kit you can buy.

Workhouse Coffee Porringer

Workhouse Coffee Company Porringer

A Bain Marie is basically a saucepan within a saucepan. It ‘works’ by placing the oatmeal and cold water in the top saucepan, over a saucepan of very hot to boiling water.

Saucepan within a saucepan

Bain Marie - 'saucepan within a saucepan'

The heat, the steam of the lower saucepan, rises and cooks the oatmeal instead of the meal being in contact with a direct heat source. I find that this allows the oatmeal to be cooked slowly, allowing the flavour to develop. It also means that you cannot burn the oatmeal so I think a Bain Marie is a great buy if you are new to cooking oatmeal Porridge.

Bain Maires come in a variety of styles and sizes from the large, which I use for cooking Porridge at events;

Catering size Bain Marie

Catering Size Bain Marie

To the beautiful;

My Magic Porridge Pot

My Magic Porridge Pot

You can find Bain Marie’s second hand and I think it’s worth the investment to help you make your Perfect Porridge.

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6 Responses to Perfect Porridge, tip#2

  1. Jovan Weismiller says:

    A very nice article. Unfortunately, no recipe! I’ve just purchased a double boiler/bain marie in hopes that I can make porridge the way my Mum did 60+ years ago! Help!

    • Porridge Lady _ says:

      Hello Jovan if you put the word oatmeal into the search engine on my web page it will display all the recipes. Hope this helps, if not please send me another message 🙂

  2. Thomas G says:

    Does one need to stir the porridge if cooking it in a porridger?

  3. Thomas G says:

    And how long does the porridge take in a porridger?

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