The sun shines on the Wokingham Food & Drink Festival


I had a great time today at the Wokingham Food and Drink Festival, giving a demo and enjoying the sounds, smells and tastes of the day.

Porridge Lady prepares

Setting up for the demo

The theme of my cooking demonstration was ‘more to oats than Porridge’. To show that oats are really versatile and can be used in many dishes I cooked four recipes;

Porridge Lady in full swing

Porridge Lady in full swing!

Recipes cooked

  • Oaty chocolate truffles
  • Oat bread
  • Quick cook Apple & Blackberry Porridge
  • Perry Champagne Porridge

The demo was great fun and I had a fantastic ‘show kitchen’ to cook in. The audience were lovely and keen to try my recipes – I always like to be able to hand out for tasting dishes that I have cooked. In fact the music stage sound crew polished off my Perry Porridge!

After the washing up and packing up it was time to sit in the sun with a really great cup of coffee from the ‘Real Coffee Club’ and enjoy the sounds of the festival.

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