Porridge Lady goes to ‘Harvest at Jimmy’s’. A recipe for great music and great food!


Porridge Lady gives a wake-up call to “Harvest at Jimmy’s”

Porridge Lady - The Freestyle Porridge Maker

Porridge Lady - The Freestyle Porridge Maker

This weekend I’m off to Suffolk to wake up the crowds at this year’s “Harvest at Jimmy’s”, the festival of TVs Jimmy Doherty. I’m going to be cooking up a Porridge storm on the chefs’ stage over the festival weekend with some of the fantastical Porridge dishes that have earned me the tag of “Premier Freestyle Porridge Maker”.

I am looking forward to Harvest as the festival has a great mix of music and food, its really my kind of festival! So I am excited about getting involved by cooking up hearty warming Porridge for festival goers to try. I will also be using a range of seasonal ingredients for the special festival recipes which will be a lot of fun to cook.

You can find me on the chefs stage on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Make sure you get a front row pew if you want to try my Porridge’s!

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