Recipes from ‘Harvest’ and a few Porridge tips….


In this first, of two blog posts, I’m going to share with you my top Porridge tips used on the chefs stage at ‘Harvest at Jimmy’s.

Harvest at Jimmy's Farhouse Kitchen Stage

Harvest at Jimmy's Farmhouse Kitchen Stage

Top Tips;

#1 –The 1:2 ratio

People often ask me “why doesn’t my Porridge cook properly” or “why is my Porridge like gruel”. My answer is that too much liquid has been added to the Porridge oats. I always use a 1:2 ratio for Porridge; 1 cup of oats to 2 cups of water or milk, juice etc. To make sure you always get this ratio correct I recommend using a;

#2 – Porridge mug

I have a mug which I use to measure my oats every morning, I also use it in my demo’s. It can be any sort of mug, just use the same one everyday and quickly you will know how much oats you need to make your portion of Porridge and how much liquid to add.

#3 – Use a Spurtle

Especially useful when making oatmeal Porridge, stirring with a Spurtle prevents lumps and the oats catching. Spurtles can be bought in cook shops and on-line but if you can’t find one I can recommend using an up-turned soon with a thick handle.

#4 –The Bain Marie

Sometimes called a double boiler or the old fashioned term Porringer, a bain marie is a saucepan, within a saucepan. Into the bottom saucepan you place boiling water, into the top pan you place the oats and liquid. The heat is transfers from the bottom to the top pan and cooks the oats.

A bain marie is a great way to cook Porridge as it allows a slow cook of the oats. Also in a bain marie the oats do not come in contact with the direct heat source and so they cannot burn.

On the stage at Harvest at Jimmy's

On the stage at Harvest at Jimmy's

I hope you have found these tips useful, to help you make your perfect Porridge. In my next blog post I will share my Harvest at Jimmy’s recipes with you…..

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