The Golden Spurtle, Porridge Cook offs, Maggie Philbin and a Porridge Lady! A recipe for breakfast radio.


I know when it’s autumn because suddenly I get very busy. I know that ‘Porridge Season’ is round the corner when my phone starts to ring and people want to talk about the mighty oat!

Cooking up the blended Mornflake oatmeal

Cooking up my entry for the 2011 Golden Spurtle

Since coming back from the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship I have got busy, really busy and it’s fantastic fun. Suddenly my inbox is filling up with event invitations, Porridge chatter on Twitter has exploded and lots of new people are reading my blog (hello!). The most exciting bit of the week though has to be; being invited on the breakfast show for BBC Radio Berkshire to not only talk Porridge but to have a cook-off!

This was not any cook off this was a cook off with the science and technology correspondent Maggie Philbin of Tomorrow’s World fame, the best science programme ever!

Recipe for a cook off!

The Cook off with Maggie Philbin on BBC Berks

Anyway Porridge… For the show we talked about the Golden Spurtle, World Porridge Day, local organic food and my involvement with the True Food Community Co-operative. All whilst competing to make the best Porridge.

Who won? You can listen to the full interview here to find out

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