Apple Day a recipe for a tasty afternoon at the Museum of English Rural Life


I love apples (second only to Porridge!) I love ‘apple season’  and waiting for late summer to come round each year seems like an eternity. I didn’t always have such affection for the fruit, in fact there was a time when I would have quiet boldly said I hated apples.

Apples from the Herefordshire Pomona

Apples from the Herefordshire Pomona

Growing up in London I only had the opportunity to eat two types of apple; tasteless supermarket apples, shipped from half way round the world and the gnarly, maggot ridden fruits from my mothers ill-looked after tree. It’s not really a surprise then that I loathed Apples. Then I moved to my now home town of Reading and everything changed.

Lying just outside of Reading is Mapledurham, with a picturesque estate, working watermill, swathes of agricultural land and most importantly Cross Lanes Fruit Farm. A traditional orchard, Cross Lanes grows over fifty varieties of apples alongside pears, plums, quinces and greengages. The best thing about Cross Lanes it’s the farm shop where the fruits are on display but most importantly the fruits can be tasted! It was at Cross Lanes that I gained an education in apples. I learned to love the variety of British apples, the different colours, flavours, textures and tastes.

Having this opportunity to find out what real apples, properly grown, taste like I am passionate about others having this opportunity too. That is why I love ‘Apple Day’ so much. Reestablished by the organisation ‘Common Ground’ Apple Day is a time to visit orchards, to eat good apples and have fun.

This year I am going to be attending a special Apple Day held by the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) here in Reading, Berkshire. It’s going to be a truly fun, family friendly afternoon with activities from the ‘longest peel’ competition and apple and spoon race to making apple bird feeders. There will also be the opportunity to look through the archives at MERL and to see the rare and beautiful apple book the Herefordshire Pomona. Most importantly Cross Lanes Fruit Farm will be at the open day with a chance for you too, to taste and buy the apples.

Reporting for the Local Lunch show

Reporting for the Local Lunch radio programme

I am also going to be recording for my next ‘Local Lunch’ radio show which goes to air on Tuesday the 25th of October. I will be interviewing about, eating and maybe even racing with apples!

All the details on the MERL open day can be found here;

If you live further afield find out about your local events here;

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