Festivals and feasts, I’m back on the Radio!


Recently I have been looking through photos that I have taken of birthdays, festivals and Christmas. It struck me how central food was to all the celebrations; birthday cakes, special seasonal foods and the Christmas feast. I started thinking about the special dishes we all cook, you know the ones that take such a long time to prepare that you only make them once a year! But without those dishes it just wouldn’t be Christmas/Eid/Diwali/New Year; Rosh Hashanah or the Chinese New Year.

NYE gingerbread house

NYE Gingerbread house at the Underground Restaurant

For me these foods not only celebrate festivals but they also connect me to a time of year, a season, like the Harvest festival of Lammas. Literally meaning ‘Loaf Mass’ Lammas signifies the bringing in of the first wheat crop. It’s a time to bake bread and to give thanks for a successful crop that will feed families and communities.

Porridge Lady Lammas Bread demo

Porridge Lady gives a Lammas bread making demo

Festival or festive foods are also about fun, about feasting with friends and families and to bring joy – especially in the long winter months. So in the spirit of fun I’m bringing a festive food feast to my next programme for the ‘Local Lunch’ radio show and I want you! To join in. I would love to hear about your favourite festival dishes, the fun you have cooking them, stories you have about them and perhaps you would share your recipes too?

I will share all these stories on my show and I will also make one of your recipes to taste live on air. So please tweet me @porridgelady or leave a message on the blog and then listen in to the Local Lunch show on Tuesday the 6th of December from 12-2pm on;


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