Oxford Real Farming Conference 2012; Having a say in our future.


I’ve heard a lot about it, it’s one of those events that leads by it’s reputation, and finally this year I am getting the opportunity to attend the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

If you have read my blog before you will know how passionately I advocate organic food and farming. As a trained environmental scientist and as a cook I think organic agriculture makes sense, both for the environment and for our health. However I do feel that as individuals have lost the link between the growing of and consumption of food. So I am very excited by the conference’s theme –  ‘A Cross-the-board rethink’. Also to see on the agenda a workshop on connecting farming with people through local markets, which is being organised by the Soil Association.

Oxford Real Farming Conference – http://oxfordrealfarmingconference.org

I won’t be rapping! But I will joining in the conference debate and having a say on what is REAL farming.

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