From Radio to filming, it was a busy week in Local Food.


Last week was a busy week for local food. On Tuesday I reported on the Oxford Real Farming Conference for the Local Lunch radio show, looking at the growing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement.

The Community Farm CSA

'The Community Farm' CSA

Wednesday it was the turn of the True Food Community Co-op to get involved in a filming project being run by the organisation Sustain. The film sets out to capture how we operate as a membership owned co-op and how we run both a permanent shop and our mobile neighbourhood markets.

Filiming at the True Food Co-op

Filming at the True Food Co-op

Thursday & Friday and especially Saturday morning! It was all about Real Bread. From looking into setting up a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) to researching (read eating!)  the best handmade bread at the East Oxford Farmers Market.

Real Bread

Real crusty! Bread

And it was no rest for a wicked bread eater (I stole the crust!) as Saturday night I attended a lecture provocatively titled ‘Occupy Oxfordshire’.

If you missed the Local Lunch show you can listen again on-line this Tuesday (24/01/12) from 12-2pm here;

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