5 Porridge top tips for Farmhouse Breakfast Week


To celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week I want to share with you 5 of my favourite top tips to make the best breakfast – Porridge!

FBW Banana Porridge

Farmhouse Breakfast Week Porridge

I get asked lots on questions on Twitter (@porridgelady) about how to make the best Porridge. From how to make Porridge in a microwave without the mess! To quick, easy and tasty, fast Porridge recipes. From all of those questions here are 5 of my favourite top tips;

  1. For perfect microwave Porridge, that doesn’t boil over! Use a bowl deeper than the Porridge you are making.
  2. To make the best traditional oatmeal Porridge invest in a bain marie or Porringer. Cooking the Porridge slowly will bring out all the flavour of the oatmeal and in a bain marie you cannot burn the oats!
  3. To avoid waste use a mug to measure your oats. You will quickly learn how much of a mug makes your perfect bowl of Porridge and cut out waste.
  4. A bowl of Porridge is a perfect place to start towards your 5-a-day. From adding a sliced banana to chopped dried fruit or even a spoonful of good quality jam, can all count as a one portion.
  5. Don’t rule out savoury Porridge. It doesn’t have to be sweet and by adding toppings like nuts and seeds or even cheese! You are adding protein to your breakfast. If you are not convinced I will be posting savoury recipes soon.

For more info on Farmhouse Breakfast Week and the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast have a look at; http://www.shakeupyourwakeup.com

and enjoy your Porridge!

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