Travels & loaves; my top 5 loaves of real bread from around the country.


I have been travelling quiet a bit recently, working and eating my way around the country. One of the foods that I love to¬† search out when I’m away is really good real bread. For me it’s got to be handmade by a baker who knows their stuff and is able to make the best loaves using only; flour, water, salt and either a sourdough stater or a touch of yeast. Oh yes and it’s got to have a crust!

So here are my top loaves from recent travels. If you love bread like I do then I hope you too will seek out these loaves….

Hobbs House Bakery Sheperds Loaf

Hobbs House Bakery Shepherds Loaf

1) All about the wholegrainBrainy bread: Natural Bread Company

This is my all time favourite loaf. With all the goodness of the wholegrain, the nutrients of which are said to make you brainy! The loaf has a perfect crust and I can just eat chunks of it smothered in butter.

2) Size matters!Shepherds Loaf: Hobbs House Bakery, Miche Loaf: Natural Bread Company

OK so I am cheating here by having two loaves, two really big! Loaves but they are both so good! The Shepard loaf is a little softer than the Miche, which comes with a hefty crust! I prefer the Miche with just butter, as a crusty chunky of bread and the Shepherds for sandwiches.

3) Eat your crustsYorkshire Leaven Loaf: Handmade Bakery

The Handmade Bakery come up a great range of innovative loaves using ingredients like; apple, carrots and figs but if I’m perfectly honest it’s the bakeries classic leaven that I like best. Made with Yorkshire grown and milled flour it’s a great local loaf.

4) Toast heavenSunflower Rye: Metfield Bakery

This loaf comes to life with a zing of flavour when lightly toasted. Containing sunflower, poppy and fennel seeds, its fragrant, crunchy, moist and I love it toasted with a pot of afternoon tea.

5) Best BaguetteSourdough baguette: Dozen Artisan Bakery

I was completely taken aback by this loaf. That the baker could make a slim baguette with a perfect crust and yet have such a moist middle. Buy fresh for lunch and serve with a big chunk of cheese.

Metfield Bakery sml

Breads from the Metfield Bakery

Find the loaves here;

  1. The Natural Bread Company, Oxfordshire;
  2. Hobbs House Bakery, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol;
  3. Handmade Bakery, Slaithwaite;
  4. Metfield Bakery, East Anglia inc Norwich;
  5. Dozen Bakery, Norwich;

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