5 top tips for dairy free Porridge.


On my recently travels I met a woman with what I can only describe as ‘Porridge Revulsion’. So bad was this lady’s dislike of the mighty oat that she could not even bring herself to wash up her husbands Porridge pan after breakfast (I’m pleased to note that he is a Porridge fan). Shocked but curious I had to know why and the answer…… The lady has a total aversion to milk.

“How do you make dairy free Porridge” is a common question that I get asked on Twitter. Whether you are lactose intolerant or just don’t like milk here are my top tips for a dairy free Porridge;

Stirring the Porridge recipe

Stirring the Porridge

1) You dont actually need milk to make Porridge

A lot of people add milk to oats to get a creamier texture to Porridge but if you use good quality, fresh oats, they will have a lovely finish without milk.

2) Cook Oatmeal

I never use milk when I am making oatmeal Porridge. Be it fine, medium or coarse oatmeal I find the flavour and texture just right without adding milk.

3) Use fruit juices

Fruit juices make a lovely alternative to milk, especially when making Porridge in the warmer months. I use a variety of juices including my homemade ‘scrumpy’ apple juice.

4) Try a spoonful of coconut oil

Hailed as a bit of a ‘superfood’ I like to use a spoonful of coconut oil in Porridge for it’s flavour. I also find that it gives the Porridge a nice silky finish.

5) Try a dairy milk alternative

Long gone are the days of plain soya milk as your only alternative to dairy milk. Now there are such a range of dairy free ‘milks’ made from; barley, quinoa, coconut, rice, nut and even an oat milk! Called Oatly. You are spoilt for choice, not flavour.

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One Response to 5 top tips for dairy free Porridge.

  1. Alfie Mullin says:

    I am a porridge fan but I only eat Scotts Porage Oats. Everything else I tried just doesn’t taste right.

    My porridge is plain, made with one measure of porridge to two and a half measures of water with a quarter teaspoon of salt.

    Once cooked, I pour cold milk on top.

    That is my favourite way to eat porridge. The Scottish Way.

    I have not tried OATLY, I am unsure if it would wreck my favourite breakfast.

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