Unusual uses for Porridge; Morston Mussels


Just as I was beginning to think that I had learnt every possible use for oats I got a surprise on my recent trip to North Norfolk.

More than just Porridge, oats are used in cuisine from bread to black pudding. In beauty products from face scrubs to hand creams. You can even put a little dish of them in the fridge to absorb odours. Whilst I was aware of these uses I was amazed to find they have a use for….

Morston Mussels

Morston Mussels

Staying in the lovely town of Sheringham I had popped into ‘Richards Fish Shop’ to snap up the catch of the day. I was guided by proprietor Mrs Little to try the Moston Mussels and given a recipe sheet full of serving suggestions. And low and behold there was the new use for oats….

“Mussels – These must always be bought alive and absolutely fresh. As soon as possible put them into a pail of cold salted water and throw away any mussels with open or broken shells. If time allows, sprinkle a little oatmeal into the water. The live mussels will feed on the oatmeal and excrete their dirt”

The Morston Mussels were delicious, maybe it was the oatmeal or just maybe it was the care with which they are managed, grown and sold.

Richards Fish Shop – http://www.norfolkkipperhouse.co.uk/shop.html

Morston Mussels – http://www.morstonmussels.co.uk/

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