The ‘S Word’ Cookery competition, a finale in photos


Last week was a busy one for me but it finished on a real high note at the finale for the ‘S Word’ Cookery Competition.

S Word finalists display

S Word finalists display

As I mentioned in my previous blog post ( I’d been invited to judge the cookery competition by the Education Business Partnership West Berkshire. The EBPWB is charity that facilitates work related learning for young people across the county, through innovative activities like the ‘S Word’

Held at Lambourn’s ‘Sheepdrove Organic Farm’ not only were we treated to fantastic food cooked by the young finalists but I also got to put faces to names. I got the chance to meet all the hard working team at the EBPWB and Suzi Wintle, Head Chef at Sheepdrove who put the young chefs through their paces to serve us up a wonderful meal.

Suzie Wintle and her 'S Word' brigade

Suzie Wintle and her 'S Word' brigade

A lovely evening to round up a great competition, with an idea that I fully support – training young people to work with seasonal, local and organic food.

And the food (especially the shortbread!) Yum….

For more information on the EBPWB and the ‘S Word’ have a look at;

and on Sheepdrove Organic Farm including info on the upcoming lambing day;

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