Savoury Porridge; 2 weeks of protein packed Porridge recipes.


It all started when for Christmas I received a huge wheel of Cheshire cheese. “What are you going to do with all that cheese?” asked the delivery driver. Simple I thought, make savoury Porridge, lots and lots of savoury Porridge!

Say Cheese - A wheel of Cheshire cheese

Say Cheese - A wheel of Cheshire cheese

I’ve been asked via my twitter stream (@porridgelady) for a while if I make savoury Porridge. It seems that men especially (at least from the tweets I receive) seem to want a savoury start to the morning. Then there are the sports people, weight-lifters, triathletes and runners who crave protein to support their training.

Via Twitter I have talked; egg enriched Porridge, using protein powders and cheesy Porridge but I have never posted these recipes. So for the next two weeks I am rectifying that with a series of savoury Porridge’s recipes. I will start with cheese and work my way through a series of protein & savoury options.

So keep an eye on the blog and follow on Twitter (@porridgelady) for updates.

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