Shhhh! I’ll going to share the best kept secret in Berkshire with you.


Listen very carefully I will say this only once…. Well I did look like ‘Allo ‘Allo’s Michelle Dubois as I donned my black winter coat, beret and boots to brave the storm but it was worth it! Where was I going? and what is all the Shhhh secrecy? Well only Berkshires best supper club at Sheepdrove Organic Farm!

Last night was the first in the series of the ‘Shhh Supper Club’ held in Sheepdrove’s impressive Eco Conference Center. Coming in wind swept and wet it was a real treat to be  greeted with seasonal sloe drinks followed by a four course feast!

The evening’s theme was ‘Soul and Mowtown’ with a  ‘Meat Feast Menu’. Starters included ‘Shhhh! spicy chicken wings with secret spices’ which my +1 described as ‘the best icebreaker’ as ‘with greasy faces no one can stand on ceremony’. Followed by two meat courses of; delicious pork properly served with crackling and a wonderful ‘wild & free beef casserole’. We rounded off the evening (and the shape of our stomachs!) with a seasonal rhubarb and hazelnut snow dessert (so good I asked for the Shhhh secret of how to infuse the hazelnuts into the dish) and truffles accompanied by mint tea, freshly picked from the herb garden.

The food was faultless and the evening relaxed and yet grand in a dinning room lit by candelabras. However for me, the theme of the night was the food’s sourcing and the star of the show; the ability of head Chef Suzi Wintle to faultlessly bring to our tables the best of Berkshire’s highest welfare and organic meats. It was also lovely to sit and eat dinner with the head gardener, the man who had grown the super fresh salads that we enjoyed with our mains. This is what is what sets this supper club apart from others they grow it, we eat it and we all know where it comes from.

What more can I say, a blustery night outdoors but whilst the wind and rain lashed against the dinning room windows we ate the very best that Berkshire had to offer. Now get yourself on the Sheepdrove mailing list to get your chance to go but Shhh! Don’t tell anyone as I still want to be able to get a place at Berkshire’s, now worst kept secret 😉


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