Co-ops, True Food, and the power of community buying.


For over six years I have been involved with my local food co-op the True Food Community Co-operative. Over the last few years I have increasingly become involved in

Speaking at the Making Local Food Work conference

Speaking for the True Food Co-op

‘spreading the word’ on the benefits of co-ops. That’s why this Tuesday I am joining the The Guardian newspapers  ‘Voluntary Sector Network’ panel for a live Q&A session on ‘Community Buying’.

Community Buying has recently gained a lot of media attention in part due to the recession. Food buying groups, energy co-ops and community supported bakeries are just a few ways in which neighbourhoods have come together to reduce the costs of life’s essentials. They have done this through a variety of structures from Co-ops to Community Interest Companies (CIC). But what exactly is a CIC? Or just how do you set up a Co-op?

One way to find out; join the debate on Tuesday 8th of May 1-3pm;

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