Porridge Lady nominated for the Observer Food Monthly Awards.


Over the weekend I’ve been receiving lots of tweets and e-mails from people saying that they have nominated my blog for the Observer Newspaper ‘Food Monthly Awards’. So over the weekend I was over the moon! Chuffed beyond belief that kind people have taken the time to nominate me.

Interviewing at the East Oxford Farmers & Community Market

Tracking down food stories at the East Oxford Farmers & Community Market

In the world of bloggers I’m a relative newcomer, having only been blogging for 18 months, but I have taken to it like a duck to water! I’ve been on Twitter since it’s early days, run facebook pages for years and contributed to many other blogs but I had to be encouraged to start my own blog. Once I started writing my own blog posts for my own web page I got the bug!

I love blogging because of the opportunity it gives me to talk about real food. Yes I don’t just write on Porridge but food & farming; agriculture and sustainable food, local and organic food, and on that topic I’ve even started to blog for the Soil Association. At a time when there has never been so much information on food but also so much misinformation, spurious and misleading noise, for me blogging gives me a challenge to seek out real stories.

Interviewing for the Local Lunch radio show

Interviewing for the Local Lunch radio show

As a reader of The Guardian & Observer Newspapers I’m so chuffed to be nominated in the food awards. I’ve featured several times in the paper including; for my show on the ‘Local Lunch’ radio programme, onĀ  How to cook the Perfect Porridge, the Word of Mouth blog on Consider Porridge and on cooking issues such as the topic of using salt for seasoning foods.

Maybe just maybe this is my year for being recognized for my blog?

With the support of kind people like you maybe that could happen! It is a really competitive category but with your support who knows! If you would like to nominate me it’s a really simple process, taking less than 5 mins, and for a little motivation how about you could win prizes from the Guardian too!

Just click here; http://www.easyanswer.net/observer/

To fill in the form.

With a very big thank you, Porridge Lady

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