Perfect Porridge Tip #5 The Spurtle is mightier than the spoon!


For me when it comes to making ‘Perfect Porridge’ there is one piece of cooking equipment I would not be without because….

Tip #5 The Spurtle is mightier than the spoon!

Spurtle Porridge recipes

The Spurtle

The Spurtle is a very traditional cooking implement with Scottish origins dating from the 15th century. It initially starting out life as a flat, spatula shaped utensil called a Couthie, which could also be used for flipping Scottish oatcakes over a griddle.

Couthie Spurtle

Couthie Spurtle

Over time as the Couthie was used more for cooking soups, broths and Porridge so the shape changed to make it more effective for stirring. This is why I use a Spurtle when making oatmeal Porridge. I find that the large surface area of a spoons head tends to drag through oatmeal. With a Spurtle I can almost whisk through the cooking Porridge which stops lumps from forming.

Most importantly there is one Golden Spurtle in the world! Which each year is presented to the winner of the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships. I am very proud to say that in 2009 I won the specialty section of the competition

Golden Spurtle

Golden Spurtle winners 2009

But! The Golden Spurtle is still elusive to me… and so this year I am duly entering to go for gold!

You can keep up to date with progress on my quest for gold! Find out about the recipes I will be making on the day and all the gossip from the event here on my blog and by following me on Twitter @porridgelady.

There will also be a competition coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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