Porridge Lady’s Larder; storing from summer to winter


Growing up in a 1930’s London house I always took having a larder for granted. The larder of my childhood was a proper thick walled, dark and often spider ridden room at the foot of the stairs, in the hallway. This wasn’t a grand wine cellar in the Victorian era this was a functional addition to a house that was well used in modern times . From jars of piccalilli to the all important emergency candles, my family and all of my neighbours stored extra food in their larders.

Porridge Lady's Larder, a recipe for preserving

Porridge Lady's Larder

Once you’ve had a useful larder it’s hard to go back. Today I live in a modern house but I’ve managed to colonise the under stairs cupboard turning it into my larder. In fact I was stocking up my ‘larder’ at the weekend and tweeted a picture of my shopping haul. This started a larder debate on Twitter which prompted me to write this post on what I store in mine….

Essential: UHT Milk

Essential: UHT Milk

Standby soups

Standby soups

A shelf of homemade preserves - a recipe for winter

A shelf of homemade preserves

It’s a small space but full of useful items which by the end of summer will be even more packed with preserves. My larder has also come into it’s own during the last couple of icy winters. When food was not making it’s way onto shop shelves I still had some on mine and enough UHT milk to share with a neighbour. If you live in an urban area and think that food shortages won’t affect you then I can recommend reading up on the worrying idea of  Nine meals from anarchy.

Enough of the icy apocalyptic stories! Having your own larder is fun and functional and I’m sure I’m not alone in the joy of having a larder. So what do you keep in yours? I would love your comments.

Over the coming months I will also be snooping around in other peoples larders taking photos and blogging on what people keep in theirs. I will also be giving hints, tips and recipes on how to preserve your own produce. So from summer to winter keep and eye on my blog for plenty of posts on Larders.

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