Porridge Lady’s Larder part two – My top 5 lesser known larder storage foods


In my first blog post on larders I shared some photos of the key food stuffs that I keep in mine. They were everyday essentials but in this blog post I want to talk about items that you may never have though about storing in a larder.

Duck Eggs Recipe


Most of us have a tendency to store foods in the fridge which really don’t need to be there. Eggs are a really good example of this. As long as you eat them within date, eggs can be happily stored in a larder.


I have a box in my larder that I keep all my non-perishable veg in. Not only does this mean I’m not overcrowding the veg tray in my fridge it also means veg like potatoes are stored correctly. If kept in the fridge the starch in potatoes starts to break down into simple sugars, resulting in them becoming a higher G.I. food.


As long as your larder is not too damp it’s a great place to hang strings of drying/dried herbs. Bay leaves and dried rosemary live happily in my larder.


A chocolatier once told me you should never store chocolate in the fridge. That was me told! So I now pop my chunks of cacao, bars of chocolate and decant chocolates from boxes into an air tight container and pop into my larder.

Bottles of water

After suffering a mains leak and several very icy winters, I now store a few bottles of mineral water in my larder. Tap water normally does me for drinking and cooking but if you haven’t got it then bottled water can be a godsend.

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