Something for the weekend with Porridge Lady – Pucket!


I had an e-mail drop into my inbox the other day. The sun was shining outside and I was feeling summer playful as I read all about: Pucket The world’s No.1 elasticated game. I watched this video and I was sold!


What excited me about Pucket, aside from the great name, fab vintage styling and well… elastic! Was that this is a BAFTS certified Fairtrade game. This means that I can have guilt free fun from that a product that is made sustainably and fairly.

As it’s a BAFTS product it means that Pucket is stocked in my local Fairtrade shop the World Shop (part of the Reading International Soildarity Centre) in Reading, Berkshire. So I hoped on my bike… (no I REALLY did carry it home on that bike!)

Set it up and it was chocs away! I’m also very proud to say that I won the first tournament. The packaging says “Warning! Players will become fiercely competitive” and it certainly brought out my competitive nature!

Porridge Lady goes vintage with Pucket

Porridge Lady goes vintage with Pucket

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