In the Larder, continuing with candles…


In my first blog post on larders I mentioned how my parents used theirs not only for food storage but also storing for an emergency. Specifically my parents and all my neighbours too, kept candles in their larders. No we weren’t living in a time before electricity, it was just a precaution, I guess a customary thing you did when you had a larder. Anyway writing about candles minded me to get some for my own larder….

Beautiful handmade beeswax candles that seem almost too good to hideaway in a larder. That is until you see the lovely and vibrant tin I have to keep them in….

Now as I’m not hoping for a power cut anytime soon I’m just going to indulge in another photo of my lovely shiny new tin (collecting tins is something I have a passion for!). Then it will be tucked away in my larder for that ‘just in case’ moment.

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