Porridge Lady has her nose to the Porridge grind stone!


It’s been a bit quiet on my blog of late. It’s because I have my nose firmly of the Porridge grind stone in preparation for the 19th Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Champion competition.

But while I’ve been a bit quiet things have been ramping up for ‘World Porridge Day

Held on October the 10th every year World Porridge Day is organised by Mary’s Meals. The day raises funds for and awareness of, the work they undertake in 16 countries to feed children with a special enriched Porridge.

I got involved a couple of years ago with Mary’s Meals when we made a set of videos with Sue Perkins to highlight the ‘Power of Porridge’….

And this year I’ve even been mentioned in ICA ‘What’s On Inverness‘ for recipes you can use on World Porridge Day…

So keep your eyes peeled on Golden Spurtle news and dust off your Porridge pot in readiness for ‘World Porridge Day’!

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