Super Specialties and the Golden Spurtle


Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Competition

It’s perhaps not so well know that the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships has a specialty category to it’s competition. With all eyes tending to be on the big prize of the Golden Spurtle – awarded for Traditional Porridge, specialty dishes can get a bit overlooked especially by the media.

As a ‘Freestyle Porridge Maker’ and former winner of the specialty award it’s this section of the competition that really excites me. I love to see the creativity in the oaty dishes that competitors serve up and the innovation; that’ theres more to oats than Porridge!

Golden Spurtle Winners 2009

Porridge Lady & Matthew Cox Golden Spurtle winners 2009

There was a great show of specialty dishes at this years Golden Spurtle competition from ‘Camping Porridge’ to a ‘Team GB Porridge’. However there was one dish that I was absolutely blown away by. From the second I saw the dish being plated up, to the moment I got to taste it, I knew that there was one hands down winner this year, and happily the judges also agreed! 😉

So with my hat of to this lady, and with a wave of my freestyle spurtle I say congratulations to Laurie Figone winner of the 2012 Golden Spurtle Specialty Award for her dish ‘Italian Pinhead Torta’.

Italian Pinhead Torta - Golden Spurtle

Italian Pinhead Torta

Tears of joy - Laurie Figone winner of the Golden Spurtle Speciality Award 2012

Tears of joy - Laurie Figone winner of the Golden Spurtle Speciality Award 2012

I urge you to try this delicious dish from Laurie’s recipe here;

This year the Golden Spurtle even introduced a new category of ‘The People’s Choice’. Judged by a ‘People’s Panel’ this category was voting for a popular choice Porridge. The first ever trophy for this section was awarded to John Boa (who last year won the Golden Spurtle) for his dish; ‘Honeyed Hazlenut Porridge’.

Honeyed Hazlenut Porridge Swirl - Golden Spurtle

Honeyed Hazlenut Porridge Swirl

In his typically modest manner John described to me the idea behind his dish being “simple and tasty using nice ingredients like cream”. You too can try John’s dish from his recipe here;

Tomorrow I will be posting the recipe for the specialty I made at this years competition.

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