Raspberry Ripple Porridge Breakfast Swirls – the ‘Quest For Best’ recipe for the 2012 Golden Spurtle


Competitors make a 'Toast to the Porridge' at the 2012 Golden Spurtle

Competitors make a 'Toast to the Porridge' at the 2012 Golden Spurtle

This year for the specialty section of the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships I did things a little differently. For the 2012 competition I worked with Britain’s oldest, and family owned, oat millers Mornflake in a ‘Quest For Best’.

Together we invited people from across Britain to enter there favourite oatmeal based recipe into the Quest For Best competition. We got a great response and I enjoyed reading and testing the innovative oaty dishes. There could only be one winner and that was Meg Thomas with her great recipe; ‘Fruity Porridge Breakfast Swirls’.

Meg Thomas winner of 'Quest For Best'

Meg Thomas winner of 'Quest For Best'

To keep the recipe seasonal and a little bit Scottish too I adapted it to bring in raspberries and a cheeky serving of cream too.

Raspberry Ripple Porridge Breakfast Swirls

Serves – 4

Preparation & Cooking time – 30 mins


  • For the roll;

1 ½ cups of medium oatmeal

½ cup of fine oatmeal

1 tsp mixed spice

½ tsp ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon Demerara sugar

2 ripe medium bananas

  • For the filling;

1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter

3 tablespoons of homemade raspberry jam

½ cup fresh raspberries

  • For the garnish;

1 tablespoon of poppy seeds

½ cup double cream

½ cup fresh raspberries

  • For frying;

Generous tablespoon of coconut oil


Into a mixing bowl place the oatmeal, spices and sugar and mix thoroughly.

Using a fork mash the banana into the mix.

Then with your fingertips bring it together gently like a pastry.

On a smooth surface roll the oat pastry out flat, into a long rectangle.

Spread the peanut butter evenly across the pastry rectangle and then spread the jam.

Scatter the raspberries across the rectangle.

Then slowly and carefully roll up the oat pastry like you would a Swiss roll.

With a very sharp knife slice the oat roll into sections.

Place the coconut oil into a deep frying pan and bring to a high heat.

Whilst the oil is heating coat the swirl slices in poppy seeds.

Then slowly, slice by slice, put the swirls into the hot oil.

Turn the slices regularly until they are golden on all sides.

Carefully remove the slices from the frying pan and place onto four plates.

Whisk the double cream and garnish the three servings adding the remaining raspberries.

Serve hot and enjoy Porridge in a specialty way.

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