Apples in particular; Enjoying Apple Day


Apple Day‘ is one of my favourite days of the year and I enjoy it the most when I get the opportunity to visit my local orchard ‘Cross Lanes Fruit Farm‘. The farm, like so many orchards across the country, opens to the public during October for a celebration of apples.

The day is a great opportunity to see and taste a wide variety of apples. Apple Day also serves a reminder that without orchards like Cross Lanes this diversity of apple varieties would not exist. Varieties like the deliciously honey tasting Pitmaston Pineapple

I also learn something new every Apple Day from pruning to picking to the difficulties of this years changeable weather. Growing quality apples is a challenge and visiting an orchard brings this to life, challenges like building deer & rabbit proof fences for maiden trees;

Apple Day is also about fun, from a conker championship to a quest to make the longest peel…

It’s also about getting your apples home in good condition, on bumpy country roads to urban speed bumps! Most of all it’s about enjoying eating good apples…

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