Organic supperclubs, a feast for all seasons

Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre

Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre

I’m a really big fan of supper clubs so it was a great joy this month to write on the rise of the organic supper club for my new post on the Soil Association blog.

For the post I reviewed the fantastic supper club that is held monthly at Sheepdrove Organic Farm in Lambourne, Berkshire. In fact I’m lucky to have visited a couple of times and lucky to have eaten my way through the foods of the seasons including farm grown Halloween pumpkins.

Sheepdrove Pumpkin recipe

Choosing pumpkins at Sheepdrove's supper club

You can read all about organic clubs and Sheepdrove here;

Physic garden Sheepdrove

Sheepdrove's beautiful 'physic gardens'

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