The truth about free-range turkeys is; it’s a meaningless term

Sheepdrove 'Heritage' Turkey

Organic turkey's truly free ranging

If you’ve been reading the news today you might have seen a story uncovering the uncomfortable truth behind the term ‘free-range turkey’. The fact is it’s a meaningless term. If a ‘free-range’ turkey has never been outdoors, lives in overstocked conditions and has it’s beak cut where is the animal welfare? The care that you have been sold and paid for.

When it comes to meat nothing comes close to the organic standards imposed by the Soil Association, inspected standards that guarantee the highest animal welfare. I know that organic meat comes at a higher price but what you, what I pay for, is the guarantee of certification and not a spurious term without legal standing.

For Christmas dinner this year I have ordered aHeritage Turkey‘ from Sheepdrove Organic Farm.  Raised by Farm Manager Dan Bull, these turkey’s have really led the outdoor life, being allowed to forage. Dan has really taken care of these turkey’s, to the extent of even having a daily chat with them;

As a meat eater I have to accept that my turkey will be dispatched to allow me to have my Christmas dinner. However what I can do is ensure it’s had as natural and humane life as possible, an organic certified life.

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