Norwich; the capital of Real Bread country?


Norfolk Bread Bakers Dozen

I’m just back from my Norfolk travels. Beautiful and bracing I had a lovely time journeying and eating! My way across the county. The food in Norfolk is fantastic and I’m impressed with the diversity of; growers, producers and alternatives to the supermarket. I’ve come back really heartened to see so many small food businesses not just surviving but thriving in market towns.

The question I have tho, as I prepare to write my new post for the Soil Association blog is… Norwich, is it the capital of Real Bread country? With such high caliber organic bakeries serving both cafes & restaurants and residents of the city it seems that Norwich has got real bread sorted. I’m so interested on the cities success because here in Reading, Berkshire, the True Food Co-op is about to venture into our own bakery.

Anyway that’s a story to save for my Soil Association blog. Until then I’m off to eat the last of my seeded loaf from the Dozen Bakery….

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