My top 5 things to see and do in Norwich

Royal Arcade Norwich

Royal Arcade Norwich

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition, my annual trip to Norfolk. Tho this year I did things a little differently by adding a stay in the beautiful city of Norwich. Too often Norwich had been a place that I’d traveled through, changed trains at or popped in for supplies, but never really stopped in. I’m glad I changed that this year and I want to share with you the 5 things that made my break in the city so enjoyable;

Queen Anna Norwich Castle

Queen for a day at Norwich Castle

1 – Norwich Castle – really fun for all the family!

Ok, OK so technically the dressing up at Norwich Castle is meant for children. However faced with fun and informative interactive displays and reenactment costumes fit for a queen I couldn’t help myself!

Norwich Castle was a good place to start my tour, providing me with the history of, insight into and a stunning backdrop to the city. This isn’t some dry irrelevant old castle as the staff work hard to make it relevant to today and engaging.

Nostalgic Sugar Mice from Digby's Chocolates

Nostalgic Sugar Mice from Digby's Chocolates

2 – Royal ArcadeArt Nouveau elegance

Just a short walk from Norwich castle is the resplendent Royal Arcade. With it’s Art Nouveau architecture and interesting shops it’s makes for a lovely walk through to Norwich’s main market square. I had a nostalgic stop at Digby’s Chocolates, a lovely traditional sweet and chocolate shop, staffed by even lovelier ladies who know their sweets and are super helpful too. I opted for strawberry bon bons, which got confiscated from me by my travel companions, so that I couldn’t eat them all in one go!

Bakers Dozen artisan bakery

Bakers Dozen Artisan Bakery

3- Best bread – Is Norwich the capital of Real Bread country?

I have been so impressed with the caliber of Real Bread available across the whole of Norfolk. Norwich is home to some of the finest bakeries including the Dozen Artisan Bakery who make an array of fantastic breads including my fav the natural/sourdough baguette. Best eaten fresh from the bakery (any excuse).

A soak in the bath at the Arthouse B&B

A soak in the bath at the Art House B&B

4 – Sleep well at the – Art House B&B

I did a lot of walking in Norwich. Feeling pretty tired at the end of the day I was in search of a good night’s sleep, which is exactly what I found at the Art House B&B. Run by artist Rosie Greenhalgh this B&B gives most ’boutique hotels’ a run for their money. Stylish yet comfortable Rosie has gone the extra mile to give her B&B the best of everything including a memory foam mattress which provided me with the best of night’s sleep.

Little tip tho; don’t sleep in too late, get up bright eyed early enough for a soak in the luxurious roll top bath before breakfast.

5- and finally use the left luggage at ‘The Forum’

Luggage is always a bit of a pain for short city stops. Don’t lug your luggage around the city as for a small fee (£3 + £5 deposit plus photo ID correct as of February 2012) leave your bags at the tourist information center in Norwich’s  ‘The Forum’ civic building in the center of the city.

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