Something for the weekend; a barometer restored


I’m obsessed by the weather, in fact I’m a weather geek. I could blame my interest on having studying a bit of meteorology but I think my obsession is just ‘very British’. Living on an island with it’s seasons and changeable weather provides endless topics for conversation. In fact I don’t think it’s polite conversation until the weather is mentioned!

For many years I have hankered a barometer, well my own barometer to be precise as I grew up in a house where one took pride of place on the hallway wall. Dutifully my father would tap the glass daily and check for weather progress. I didn’t want a modern one, and don’t even talk to me about phone apps, you can’t tap one of those! I was waiting for something special to come along and low and behold on my recent trip to Norfolk I was given the most lovely barometer as a most lovely gift.


I don’t know when or where it was made or any of it’s heritage as it was a real treasure trove find. What I did know was that it needed a bit of TLC to bring it back to to it’s former glory. So I set about it’s restoration as a weekend project and I am really happy with the results of my little bit of labour.

Fully cleaned and fully working my barometer now takes pride of place in the hallway, above the coat rack, where dutifully I will now tap it everyday.

Right now Mr Tomasz Schafernaker we (me + beloved barometer) will be watching to make sure you forecast the weather correctly! 😉

My restoration tip:

Bicarbonate of soda toothpaste is great for removing ‘gunk’ and giving a shine to discolored metals. Using a rag and just a small spot of the toothpaste rub away the build up. Then using a clean damp cloth, remove any toothpaste residue and rub up a shine.

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