Did they said yes? True Food and the bakery vote

True Food Community Co-op Bakery Meeting

True Food Community Co-op Bakery Meeting

After my post on the Soil Association blog I’ve been getting a lot of message’s asking if  True Food voted ‘yes’ to setting up the real bread bakery.

Well… yesterday the members of the True Food Community Co-operative met to discuss a proposal put forward to them by the ‘bread group’, a group of True Food volunteers who had been tasked with researching bakeries. The proposal laid out the facts & figures and then the members got to ask lots of questions, both of the group and of established baker Tom Baker of Loaf who had kindly been an adviser to the project.

We talked, drank tea, ate bread pudding and the answer was…

True Food Bakery Meeting bread pudding Yes!

Now comes the hard work of getting the bakery up and running and most importantly selling the bread!

Thank you to everyone who has been interested in this story, who has messaged and tweeted me. Don’t forget if you are in and around the Reading area in the next few months keep an eye out for the new True Food Bakery, better still follow your nose for the delicious smell of baking bread 😉

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