When superfoods meet a supper club its a recipe for a successful night

Superfoods Supper club at the Idler Academy

Indian Superfood Supper Club at the Idler Academy

Last Friday I attended the inaugural supper club of chef Gurpareet Bains at the Idler Academy,  Westbourne Park, London. I’d read his book, followed him on Twitter and short of buying the t-shirt! Thought I knew quiet a lot about Gurpareet’s ‘Indian Superfood’ cuisine but what I didn’t know was just how blooming tasty it was really going to be!

Yes we’ve all read about ‘superfoods’ in the press; the great goji berry, the power of pomegranate and the tai chi of chia seeds (ok so I made that bit up, chia seeds are great but they can’t teach your tummy tai chi) but do any of us do little more than sprinkle a few

Porridge Lady meets Gurpareet Bains

Porridge Lady meets Gurpareet Bains

blueberries on our morning Porridge? Gurapreet Bains does in fact he takes superfoods to the next level; with a cuisine developed from his Indian roots, knowledge from ‘my mum’ and backing of  all the rigor from scientific studies!

His two books take a walk through superfoods as; a healthy take on Indian cuisine in ‘Indian Superfood’ and perhaps a little ‘white coat wearing’ but highly informative ‘Indian Superspices, lab-inspired recipes to alleviate symptoms of everyday ailments’

The notion of ‘superfoods’ aside the two things I like about Gurpareet’s food are;

He really can cook! Take away the superfoods story and the food he plates up is both delicious and incredibly well cooked.

His book doesn’t advocate buying ‘supermarket superfoods’ but shows you how to take the principles of optimum nutrition from foods and cook the dishes for yourself. In Gurpareet’s book I liked the story about how the humble tube of tomato puree is actually a ‘superfood’ because it’s full of Lycopene.

So onto the food… my favourite dishes were;

Chicken with Blueberries and Cinnamon (superfood supperclub)

'World's Healthiest Meal' Chicken with Blueberries and Cinnamon

Spelt, Chia and Pumpkin Seed Papanaans (superfood supperclub)

Spelt, Chia and Pumpkin Seed Papanaans

The atmosphere at the supper club was relaxed and enjoyable if a little bit of a squeeze. I learn’t my lesson never to try and be ‘fashionably late’ as I ended up at the head of the table being knee bashed by all! However it was all very jolly with our table being dubbed the ‘messy ones’ not least because one of my fellow diners managed to set fire to it!

I’m booked into interview Gurpareet for my next Soil Association blog to talk more on nutrition and foods and hopefully some recipes too (including a fantastic Porridge recipe!). Until then if you can get into one of his upcoming supper clubs I warmly recommend them to you. The next is fully booked but a little birdy tells me they will start running a monthly supper club very soon so follow @gurpareetbains for more news.

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