The Great Easter Egg Hunt!


Easter egg hunt 1 smlWhat a glorious Easter Sunday. Whilst the the temperature might not be spring like, the sunshine made it a perfect morning for an Easter egg hunt.

Using the lovely Montezumas chocolate mini eggs I filled up my giant tin egg which is used for hiding the Easter chocolate each year. Refillable and rain proof it’s handy for Easter Eggs hunts whatever the weather.

Easter Egg huntThen it was time to think up the cryptic clues. Ah yes I would make a very good Miss Marple!

Easter Egg hunt 2 smlMy favourite hiding place was in the newly emerged rhubarb. It was lovely to remind everyone that it would soon be the season for rhubarb and of course rhubarb Porridge 🙂

Easter Egg hunt 3aAnd finally at the end of the trail was the chocolate filled prize.

The Montezumas mini eggs were enjoyed by all and it’s good to know that a donation from each pack sold is made to the Butterfly Conservation. With such changeable weather patterns at the moment it’s important to be reminded how changes to seasonal ‘norms’ affect different species. In the case of last years wetter than average summer it has meant that many butterfly species struggled. In 2012 the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly population was recorded as 50% down on that in 2011.

Great chocolate, good cause, Happy Easter to all!

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