Written the Porridge recipe, made the Porridge, eaten the Porridge and now I’ve even got the Porridge t-shirt!


Howies Porridge t 1

You know sometimes how people talk, then disappointingly nothing happens? Well sometimes it really does happen and I take my hat off to to Anthony Oram as he’s a man who cracks on! A real Do’er. Who’d have thought that a conversation with Antony aka @anthonyoram and baker extraordinaire @evilgordonon on Twitter would lead to a Porridge t-shirt!?

Well let me introduce you to the t-shirt; Designed by Anthony, made by Howies and soon to be worn by me 🙂

Howies Porridge t 2

Screen printed onto organic t-shirts at Howies HQ in Cardigan, the t-shirt is made with a little tlc and a lot of Porridge love. 

Howies Porridge t 3

And now you too can by this gem of a Porridge t here.

Power to the Porridge!

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