The Summer of Porridge?

Camping Porridge

Camping Porridge

Yesterday I got one of those phone call’s that I’ve come to expect during the winter months. A researcher for a tv/radio/newspaper calling with a question on Porridge. However this call came out of the blue because, well it’s June!

Now if you follow me on Twitter (@porridgelady) you will know that I’m a 365 Porridge eater. From New Years Day to the hottest morning that a British summer can muster, I’m poised to eat Porridge. Am I alone? That’s what the researcher for BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans show wanted to know.

“Do people really eat Porridge in the summer!?” asked the researcher and I left her bemused with a few facts, figures and plenty of anecdotal evidence to be able to authoritatively say yes. 

After the researchers phone call I decided to poll the question on my Facebook page and to be honest it’s now me who is surprised. Suprised and pleased to find out just how many other people eat Porridge 365 too.

But do you? I’d love to hear what you think over on my Facebook page is this ‘The Summer of Porridge’?

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